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The immense amount of plastic waste produced by humans has fatal repercussions for the ecosystems of our planet. Annually, up to 9 million tons of garbage end up in our oceans. If one packed all this waste into plastic bags and placed them along the entire coastline of the world, there would be five of those bags per 30 centimeters of the shoreline. 


A first step against this outrageous state is done easily. Use a reusable bag every time you go shopping for loose items and avoid disposable plastic bags! Our veggiebag could serve you as support on the adventure of reducing waste. Easy, affordable and sustainable.

The fine-mesh and light-weighted veggiebag is made of 100% food-safe RPET and is washing-machine approved up to 30 degrees Celsius. RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or recycled PET.

More about RPET

With the idea of reducing waste by reusing PET we offer you a sustainable veggiebag. Thus veggiebag is not only an alternative to disposable plastic bags but also a valuable recycler of existing resources.

Fold your veggiebags and put them in every pocket or purse and you will have a constant shopping companion. Start today to save one-way plastic bags and contribute actively to the care of our resources. 

Explore below how to use the veggiebag!



Order a set

Fruit, vegetables, bread, croissants... whatever it will be take it home and enjoy with clean conscience
Fill your veggiebag with everything your heart desires. Stick the barcode on the provided side-tag
Whenever needed wash your bag at 30 degrees and your veggiebag will look as new as on the first day
With your filled transparent bag proceed to the cashier and pay easily
Boost your creative side and create new functions for your packaging 
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