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The idea is simple. A substitute for common plastic bags. But even the simple things in life prompt questions. Below you find the most frequently asked questions answered for you. Should there be anything else you want to know don't hesitate to ask us via "contact us"!



Why is it worthwhile to buy a veggiebag?

Everyday vast quantities of plastic is used. This contributes significantly to the pollution and exploitation of our ecosystems. One example is the littering of our beautiful oceans with several million tons of plastic waste every year. The veggiebag is a simple  and handy solution to antagonize this development.


Why is a veggiebag sustainable?


Once produced the environmental burden of the veggiebag falls nearly to zero and the advantages increase up to no limit. Vegetables, fruit and even bread can be bought with the practical cloth bag. And not only once or twice, but as many times as one can! At the point the bag is to dirty one must not throw it away, one must only throw it into the washing machine. 





Where are the bags produced?


Our veggiebag are made in a certified and personally visited factory in China, which we have worked with for several years. On demand however, we can arrange the processing by a swiss institution. Please ask us for the current prices.
Washing recommendations 

The fine-meshed recycled PET material (RPET) is washing machine approved up to 30 degrees Celsius.

However, we recommend to wash our veggiebag at 20 degrees Celsius only, which will wash the textile as effectively as it would in warm water, while saving energy.


The linen material tends to shrink about 5% after the first wash. We recommend hand washing in lukewarm water with neutral soap or neutral detergent. For washing machine use we recommend to wash at 20 degrees Celsius only and in any case without fabric softener.

After washing do not squeeze the linen, press softly only, then pull to shape and leave to dry on a laundry rack.


Are there any shops selling veggiebag?

At the moment we already have a few friendly stores where you can go and buy our veggiebag

in Switzerland:

feelhome AG, Bahnhofstrasse 9, 6340 Baar

Andermatt, Sternenhof, 6340 Baar

Arnold Zentrum-Markt, Schmiedgasse 10, 6460 Altdorf

BachserMärt, die Märkte finden Sie hier:

Bäckerei-Konditorei Vetsch, Dorfstrasse 8, 7233 Jenaz

Bambus Fairtrade Bioladen, Watterstrasse 18, 8105 Regensdorf

Bioladen Rägawurm, Comandergasse 3, 7000 Chur

CIRCLE - The Sustainable Shop, Brunngasse 3, 8001 Zürich / Sihlcity

Claro Weltladen, Schützenweg 4, 3123 Belp, Bern

Claro Weltladen, Metzgergasse 10, 3400 Burgdorf

Claro Weltladen, Kirchgasse 12, 8302 Kloten

Claro Weltladen, Hauptstrasse 45, 9401 Rorschach

Dorfladen Maxi Bächli, Urnäscherstrasse 1, 9633 Bächli-Hemberg

Dorfladen Mitenand Baggwi, Bernstrasse 100, 3267 Seedorf

Früchtehof Diethelm, Am Stutz 5, 8854 Siebnen

Glanzvoll Leben GmbH, Schlagstrasse 70, 6417 Sattel

Hoflädeli Familie Löffel, Dorfstrasse 11, 3225 Müntschemier

Hofladen Baumgartner, Hünenbergstrasse 73, 6333 Hünenberg See

Hotzenhof, Hof-Märcht, Deinikon 9, 6340 Baar


Kuhn Hofmärt AG, Hofstrasse 1, 8307 Bietenholz / Effretikon

Magazine zum Globus

Maxi-Markt GmbH, St. Georgenstrasse 82, 9000 St. Gallen

Mundo AG, Buzibachstrasse 15, 6023 Rothenburg

Puracenter AG / Spar, in Davos Dorf / Davos Platz / Ilanz / Lain / Lenzerheide /

                                        Savognin / Valbella / Vilters  

Schmid-Früchte, Gemüse und Getränke AG, Dofstrasse 76, 3792 Saanen

Spar Würzenbach, Würzenbachstrasse 19, 6006 Luzern

Stiftung Bächtelen, Grünaustrasse 53, 3084 Wabern

Stiftung Werk- und Wohnhaus zur Weid, 8932 Mettmenstetten

Thoma & Liechti Fleisch AG, Hinterdorfstrasse 5, 3308 Grafenried

Volg Konsumwaren AG;

in Austria:

Grissemann Gesellschaft m.b.H., Hauptstrasse 150, 6511 Zams

in Germany:

ALECO, die Märkte finden Sie hier:

ALNATURA, die Märkte finden Sie hier:

Bauernladen Lingen GbR, Winkeln 80a, 41068 Mönchengladbach

Biomarket Hauser OHG,

Bio Regionalkonzept-Kiel, Hopfenstrasse 63, 24103 Kiel

Bungert oHG, Friedrichstrasse 59, 54516 Wittlich

Feneberg Lebensmittel GmbH:

Hieber's Frische Center, Kanderweg 21, 79589 Binzen

Hofladen Geiss, Hauswiesenweg 6, 64658 Linnenbach

Hofladen Hönes, Scheerwiesenweg 69, 71701 Schwieberdingen

Hofladen Kraut + Rüben GbR, Steiermärker Strasse 16a, 76227 Karlsruhe-Durlach

Inzlinger Landmarkt, Dorfstrasse 19A, 79594 Inzlingen

Julien Schippers – Obst,- Gemüse- und Blumenhandel, Rastatter Strasse 12, 76275 Ettlingen  

Müller Obst- und Gemüsehof, Grosse Gass 11, 79576 Weil am Rhein / Haltingen

Naturkost West, Daimlerstr. 4, 47167 Duisburg

Obst- und Gemüsehof Schopferer, In der Breite 1, 79588 Efringen-Kirchen

Reformhaus Martina Sieber, Ziegelstrasse 5, 71672 Marbach

Schmidts Märkte Wehr GmbH, Todtmooser Strasse 24, 79664 Wehr

Vorteil Center -  Anton Limbach, Anton Limbach-Strasse 1, 53567 Asbach

Zoo Shop, Zoologischer Garten Berlin, Hardenbergplatz 8, 10787 Berlin

in Luxembourg

Epicerie am Duerf, Rue Principale, 9184 Schrondweiler

Naturata S.A., 13, Rue Gabriel Lippmann, 5365 Munsbach

Shopping-Center Massen, 24 Op der Haart, 9999 Wemperhardt 

in France

Ferme De La Damotte, 1 route d'Auroy, 70280 La Bruyère

in Hong Kong

Nature Thoughts,

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